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Review: Four Years Later

Four Years Later
Four Years Later by Monica Murphy
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

We are not perfect, but we are a perfect fit for each other.

A sweet and tormented tale of two opposites with an instant combustible reaction to each other and endure through equally troubled backgrounds. Told from both points of view, we get a very real account of Owen and Chelsea’s mind set when they are forced to share time together.

In this fourth book of the One Week Girlfriend series I’m a willing captive of Monica Murphy’s character development even when I think the general plot is on the clichéd side.

I’ve turned into the total cliché. The innocent, naïve girl who’s fallen for the guy who smokes pot and plays football and can barely keep up his grades. — Chelsea

When Owen finds himself in trouble with school and facing suspension from his football team, he’s forced to have a tutor help him get back on track. The trouble is he prefers to run from his problems rather than face them head on, including his seemingly perfect and unreachable Chelsea his tutor. But the more they spend time together, the more they find each other inexplicably attracted like two magnets.

I want her but I don’t. I’m attracted to her though I shouldn’t be. I’m high, and it’s not just from the wee. I’m also high on Chelsea. — Owen

But neither is perfect, they both have secrets and insecurities that has them fearing what their budding relationship may make them face and reveal.

Owen is sexy, sweet and above all loyal. But his struggle between loving his sister and seeking her approval (which is the right thing to do) and the guilt of helping his mother in very wrong ways because all he wanted was her love was painful to witness.

Chelsea is almost completely inexperienced in love and life and I mostly understand her reactions and attitude, but there was a moment she grated on my nerves because posture felt very hypocritical.

Fable’s appearance in the book was good and necessary, but I missed Drew and I loved we got to know Wade and Des, but I especially loved Des. I would buy his book if it come out tomorrow.

These characters felt authentic and perfect in their imperfections. This novel has a very genuine feel to it, ranging from Owen’s inner monologue while he’s high to the ending, which is a not a Disney one, it’s just a happy and very real believable one.

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