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Review: Broken Dove by Kristen Ashley

Broken Dove by Kristen Ashley10 stars!

Mammoth, huge, grand! And I don’t mean it in the word count sense. Broken Dove is E.P.I.C.!

The book starts off with an adrenalin pumping scary scene where other world Ilsa is in a precarious and even life threatening situation only to be saved, whisked off to Fantasyland world and almost immediately discarded by Apollo. A killing shot to the heart was delivered and it was dispensed by Apollo himself.

“Be careful what you wish for… you might get it… And not want it.”

But don’t despair, Ilsa was left in a Snow White-ish and the eight hunks on horseback Kristen Ashley style scenario where she is affectionately re-christened as Maddie by her hot guards and companions, where she not only forms bonds of friendship she also gets to know, understand and adjust to this new world, while feeling free and being able to take stock and make a new plan for her life.

When Apollo and Maddie reunite, it is clear to him she is not his departed Ilsa, coupled with his alpha male possessive nature that will not share, add a little of Valentine mischief and some Adela tea, sparks start flying and an different and even deeper love starts developing. But as with all relationships, there are obstacles to be overcome, situations in which Captain Kirk and Spock like wisdom is needed. Enter even more wonderful and side characters and Ashley comedy.

“Even Captain Kirk had chats with Spock and Bones.”

I know I’m being funny, but there’s no way I can’t be because in this book, Kristen Ashley gives us incredible characters who are humorous, loveable and sage, who feel deep friendship, loyalty, hurt and love, with a plot so big, badies so mean that the two main characters or even the supporting ones aren’t enough . In this book we get the whole enchilada. All the hunks, their incredible partners, cute babies and devoted friends are included.

In the end, we know “that love is priceless, love is worth every battle fought, every wound endured… Love is everything.” and we also get the promise of more!

Review by Dali, posted by Ces

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