Paranormal Romance

Review: Sun God Seeks…Surrogate?

Sun God Seeks…Surrogate?
Sun God Seeks…Surrogate? by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Gods run amuck, craziness ensues and we’re left hanging. What can one expect in between all of this? A funny, sexy, romantic all around amazingly great read!

Cliffhanges… not a big fan unless it’s a feeling I’m having on a Six Flags ride, which is exactly what you get in this third book of the Accidentally Yours Series. Yeap! A cliffhanger all rolled up in a bat-s***-funny story orchestrated by no other than our favorite aunty Cimil (whose name is hopefully in line for the next roller coaster ride somewhere).

I really liked Penelope’s quivering-with-want eggs and the rest of the set of characters in the series. In this book, we’re also introduced to more gods, their interesting personalities and a whopper of challenge they have to face.

Overall, I think Mimi has found a great balance between fun, romance and drama and has left us all eager to get our hands on the next volume in her series.

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