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Review: Light in the Shadows

Light in the Shadows
Light in the Shadows by A. Meredith Walters
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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It was a beautiful conclusion to Clay and Maggie’s story. Everything played out perfectly, and they couldn’t have done thing better! Their relationship blossomed, grew and found the time to really become strong and heal.

Clay came a long way in such little time! I was so proud of him. I loved how Maggie didn’t give up on him, ever! No matter what, she was behind him 100% and that is real love.

My hatred for Clay’s parents was not diminished in any way, it actually grew stronger, so screw them. This book met every expectation I had and then some.

“Forgive. Such a small word. Only seven letters but they carried the weight of the world. Seven letters between me and the one thing I wanted most in my life.”

This book begins were the first one left off. Clay is at the clinic and Maggie is hime, lifting up the pieces of her battered heart. Clay needed more help than she could give him. She loves him with every fiber of her being, but she is also mad at him for shutting her out.

“My love for this beautifully broken, yet slowly healing boy, made me strong…. My soul belonged with him, was so entangled in him that I was no longer a single being.”

Tragedy sends Clay back to Davidson. He is not completely healed, but he is getting there, still he needs more. They see each other again and their world collides, again.

“It was like every time we were together. Our bodies orbited around each other as if pulled by an invisible force that we had no control over. I wanted this. And I wanted to run from it. I wanted to pull her in and never let go. And I wanted to push her away.”

“Seeing him again had only confirmed what my subconscious already knew. I would never move on from Clay. My soul belonged with him, was so entangled in him that I was no longer a single being.”

They end up together again despite everything. Maggie defies everyone again just to be with him, but her loved ones understand and let her make her own decisions. That is why I loved all the supporting characters. They were real and supportive, their friendship and love was something Maggie and Clay needed and they provide it. Even Maggie’s parents, I loved them since book one.

I also loved the dual POV, it helped me understand what was going on in Clay´s head. His feelings and the way he battled the demons inside, the self-loathing and his insecurities. This book had an endearing epilogue and everything clicked into place perfectly.

Thank you Ms. Walters for such a wonderful story. !!! I recommend these books huge!

“Over six years ago I met a girl who saved me. I didn’t realize at the time, mostly because her attitude pissed me off, that she would become the most important thing in my life. But then I got to know her and when I was drowning, she became my air. In the cold, she became my warmth. In the dark, she became my light.”

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