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Review: Fate Book

Fate Book
Fate Book by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I think it’s time Mimi seriously considers promoting FF&SS (Fast and Funny, Smart, Sexy), especially as a reference to her writing!

I was pretty sure I would like this book before opening it, and even after starting it when I was really sure I had figured out what was going on I loved it. Because when you pick up a romance novel, you’re fairly certain you’ll get a happily ever after, what’s important is how you get to that fairy tale ending.

Mimi’s writing style is both funny and enticing; she sets a pace that has you glued to your favorite reading spot and makes the time fly.

I liked Dakota’s personality and how she matured and faced her Fate. I fell in love with Fate Book’s lust, rock star, tough guy, jock, Prince Charming, and misfit rolled into one male lead.

I laughed at the eclectic film references that ranged from Star Wars to Meet the Family to Twilight and yes, even E.T. which mostly came from Dakota’s smart mouth.

“But what if ET comes by and wants to call his mother?”
“Tell him to fuck off”

I wanted to cry and act out in frustration together with Dakota. I updated my status with so many quotes I liked that I could’ve copied the entire book on it and in the end we learn why this novel is titled Fate Book and I only wish I had more, may be from our alpha male’s POV.

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