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Review: Never Been Ready

Never Been Ready
Never Been Ready by J.L. Berg
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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Swoon: to be overwhelmed by ecstatic joy, a state of ecstasy or rapture. Feel giddy, weak or lightheaded. You think I’m starting to abuse the word swoon or its synonyms? “I could use other words, like fascinating, stunning, breathtaking… beautiful.” I could probably come up with more or google some but they would all be along those lines and they would all describe how I feel about this book which about mirrors what Leah Morgan and Declan James felt about each other.

The general story line could be termed as cliché being that it’s about a handsome actor, who is also a bit of a man whore. He meets this feisty and stunning girl who he can’t stop thinking about and he breaks his evil player rules to be with her. They are so engrossed with each other that they agree to an exclusive no strings attached relationship, because they’re both afraid of investing their feelings and being hurt.

Declan had given me butterflies. Funny.
“What are you smiling about?” he asked.
“Run out of women in L.A., Hotshot?” I joked.
“No, I just got tired of trying to replace you.”

You can feel they’re attraction in the fog up your windows you can’t see outside sexy scenes. But the real story is the journey from the physical and skin deep pull to the soul searing almost DNA resequencing they went through. They are such a good fit in all areas of their lives that lines blurred and the relationship spilled over as easy breathing to friendship, support and companionship. And when feelings ran deep, that’s when all the swooning started melting my insides to a complete s’more goo.

This man – this arrogant, cocky man who I called Hotshot – was turning out to be more, and I didn’t know if my heart could handle that.

I highlighted so much of the book and made so many notes that I could probably post it in its entirety. But I don’t want to spoil you with ANY details. I’ll just say that besides all the swooning (I think I’ve about reached my swoon use quota) and scorching hot occurrences, J.L. injected humor that made me laugh out loud, familial love and friendship that made my cheeks hurt from smiling and heartbreaking achiness that made me hope and cheer for our protagonists to come the other side stronger for it.

This is not an insta-love kind of book, to the relief of some of my friends. It’s written from both points of view, which I love. It could be read as a stand-alone but I’m sure it is better enjoyed if read in order because there are recurring characters from the previous book that make the story so much richer and enjoyable if you know them. We also get to know more about Garrett, the hero in J.L.’s next book which I can’t wait to read.

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