Young Adult

Review: Breakaway

Breakaway by Catherine Gayle
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.5 torturously sweet stars   Buy now:

Heard this one before? Girl has insecurity issues and asks trusted hot male friend to help her out and they fall in love the process.

You’ve probably read it or seen it before but this is not that story. This is a torturously sweet story about the journey of a woman who was left emotionally scared and broken, but with the patient and loving help of her brother’s best friend, is put back together and given a chance at a happy and fulfilling life.

My heart fluttered and my skin tingled anytime I was near hi. How I viewed him had changed. He wasn’t just Brenden’s best friend anymore, not in my head. Not in my heart.

It’s the journey of a man who thought would never be able to be with the woman he’s loved since before he was allowed to and is given a chance to not just help her but have her if only he can keep his life in check in order to not trigger her panic attacks and maintain the rest of his life in balance.

I could wait. I’d already waited seven years. My need had to come second to hers.

This story is surrounded by exciting hockey games and is told from both points of view, the cadence and rhythm is such that it will pull you right in and you’ll be moved along with them.

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