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Review: Becoming Noah Baxter

Becoming Noah Baxter
Becoming Noah Baxter by J.M. Sevilla
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

BUY HERE: http://amzn.to/1fxxQpU

Like I said on my review of book one, these are a 99-cent treasure and those are hard to find!

The story picks up right after the plethora of events at the end of book one. Jay stays in San Francisco in order to fulfill his long-time awaited vengeance and, Lily goes back home. They miss each other and you know their love is strong; therefore, the hope for them to overcome anything that’s thrown their way is obviously there.

The book is written in dual POV’s and I loved being inside Jay’s head. You can see how he struggles to find the balance between the positive emotions Lily has arisen in him: the hope, longing, love, self-worth, peace… and the dark emotions that brewed deep inside him for so many years: need for revenge, aggression, sadness, guilt and the killer instinct. Everything he’s ever known is changed abruptly by the power of love (yes, it sounds cheesy and clichéd but I don’t care). Jay is trying to fulfill his lifetime goal, so he can be with Lily peaceful.

Lily is back home, trying to live a normal life and she’s doing a fair job at it. Her friends, Naomi and Stevie have issues of their own and are suffering due to buried feelings. Jay calls, Lily beams with excitement until one day Naomi messes up and Jay stops calling her. Something else happens, Lily just goes berserk, hops on a plane, and off to SF she goes!

From there the story unravels, you get to see Lily and Jay build a relationship and push the steam up a notch, which was OH so rewarding!!! I loved dirty/sweet little Jay!!! He was tender and sexy and he didn’t hide his emotions from Lily. He needed her, he craved her, he loved her and Lily just gave herself freely and helped him heal throughout the book.

“I’m going to kiss you now, and then I’m going to fuck you because that’s all I’m capable of right now.”

“Be that man, Jay. Be the man who fights for us and will never let anything destroy what we have. Don’t doubt the love we share. Know that if there’s one thing true and real in your life it’s us, it’s our love. Please don’t let me go again. Fight for me, Jay. I need to know nothing can take you from me, that you would never allow it.”

I absolutely loved the epilogue, it was beautiful and now I want books for everyone…. I’m intrigued. Also… Vault.. OMG this man needs to have an HEA he’s interesting and sexy and mysterious… oh and the shy assistant and the beautiful A!…

I totally recommend this book if you like a romantic story with a touch of dark, crazy assassins, strong females and intriguing characters.

Well done Ms. Sevilla…. The only thing I want to say even if I understand the reason behind that is.. The typos I’ve highlighted a lot of them and I will be sharing those so they are corrected! Long live the amazon’s book updates!

Get it on Amazon kindle: http://amzn.to/1fxxQpU

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